Create a new world
of outstanding performance
and a virtuous circle for

your people,
your business,
your market,
our world.

Disruptive intelligence and performance:

and the world changes …

Executives and business leaders, wouldn’t you like to revolutionize the world and its markets, set a new course for your enterprise as well as innovate with a true sense of dare?

While you have certainly set yourself numerous challenges and experimented with many solutions, your ambitions have yet to be fulfilled. HERE, with our help, you will succeed in creating the disruptive intelligence and performance required to connect people, thus quickly propelling your business into the new world for the long term. Our name, Connexion TIP, sets the tone: we lead our customers to new heights, beyond what’s considered possible.

Look at reality differently and create a disruptive vision for your business.

Develop extra-ordinary performance immediately, as well as the ability to maintain it over time.

Create a unique human experience that nourishes the desire and ability to easily excel and succeed together.

When it comes to making decisions or taking action, experience significant gains in speed, relevance, and serenity, and see obstacles turn into opportunities.

Our action is guided by the power of a new performance, the PerformancecoTM

With Performanceco , everyone is deeply connected to themselves, to others, to the company, and to the world. Both you and your people are free to consider everything, to dare act differently, so that each one of you can go beyond your limits to reach the highest performance that has been, to this day, deemed unattainable. But that performance is achievable!

We build your customized program together. We create individual, collective and organizational interventions (both intra and inter-company) to build each stage of the Performanceco .
Discover the 4 stages of our action


We want a world made up of extra-ordinary performance and human experiences!

Creating this new world is possible.
Want us to tell you how?

Welcome to Connexion TIP

We are much more than you can imagine, we are TIP Coachesco: coaches, consultants, facilitators, agilitators, trainers, mentors. Each of us is all of this, we are on several continents, and most importantly, we are a team!

They are changing the world!

Discover our customers’ disruptive experiences. With our help, each of these companies invented a new disruptive intelligence, breaking away from their habits. Performanceco has propelled them into a new world!

“The leadership team of our Division was a collection of passionate and expert individuals, but poorly connected and aligned. Each has experienced a true transformation on the field and a collective ability to transcend their individual goals in a new spirit at the service of the group’s performance. “

“The Connexion TIP approach is applicable at any time, but it is particularly effective in times of crisis. They not only provide methods and tools immediately useful for everyone, they also communicate an energy and optimism that truly transforms people from “normal” to “leader”.

“We outdid ourselves and we all grew up to become disruptive leaders. Connexion TIP has been instrumental in transforming our organization into one that meets tight deadlines. “

“Who was an individual hard worker is now a key player in a high-performance team, leveraging everyone’s capabilities. The relationships have deepened, the problems are solved with ease, our new way of working is based on each person’s ownership and responsibility. The results are remarkable! I recommend Connexion TIP to anyone who wants to turn the impossible into reality.”

“Of the many seminars and training sessions I have attended over the last 15 years, the one led by Connexion TIP is the most powerful, the most profound and transforming, immediately and in the long term, that I have been able to experience. “

“The results we get far surpass all expectations, even the craziest ones. The world is divided in two: those who have benefited from the know-how of Connexion TIP and those who should! “

“Connexion TIP, carried by its president Nathalie Delmas, is most dynamic and effective. Nathalie has great emotional intelligence, precious to identify the challenges and issues, allowing us to excel and thrive in surpassing oneself. She and her team, with the tools they share, helped us clarify our ideas and directions for developing innovation in our business. “

“Working with Connexion TIP has been an amazing experience! I feel transformed and my team has completely integrated the disruption mindset and ways of working. Together, we have reached a level of connection and alignment that allows us to go faster with all of our stakeholders internally and externally. As a tech incubator company that must constantly be at the forefront of innovation and disruption, we are living that breakthrough and are prepared for the years to come.”

“The “Disruptive Intelligence and Performance Leadership” program by Connexion TIP is central to our ” revolutionary leadership” cycle. Over 3 years, it has been followed by most of our 80 Strategic Account Executives dedicated to strategic clients, responsible for billions of euros in turnover in complex environments. For many, this has transformed the way they think of themselves as leaders, their way of acting, their relationship to others, and this has been reflected in their business results. I, myself, have made great changes that last. Some also witnessed significant improvements in their personal lives. “

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