Laurence COURBIN

TIP coachco

Driven by the desire to create a world where everyone feels free to be what they want to create a future that really makes a difference, Laurence chose to work with businesses. Since the get-go, businesses have provided her with the perfect playground to showcase her TransformActor talents, as well as fuel her personal development.

As a certified coach in Leadership for more than 5 years, Laurence guides leaders and their teams in creating their “desired future”; a future guided by the alliance between performance and well-being. With Nathalie Delmas, at Connexion TIP, Laurence contributes to the transformation required for organizations to succeed beyond what is predictable on these fronts.

Laurence’s beliefs are based on values ​​of integrity, coherence and simple fun. Her missions focus on “the transforming connection”, as well as its meaning which is inspired by humanistic leadership. To that effect, Laurence’s leadership qualities precede her: recognized for her seasoned coach qualities, she excels in sensitive situations such as taking office, team restructuring as well as the management of strong personalities. She draws her resources from activities such as yoga that promote alignment and healthy breathing.

The life of Laurence before Connexion TIP…
– Two decades of Marketing and communication for French and international organizations: Mondadori, Mercedes-Benz, LVMH. Throughout those years with these organizations, she built herself a strong reputation as an effective and caring team leader.
– A health problem opened the door to question herself: What makes sense to me now? What do I want to dedicate my time and enthusiasm to?