About Connexion TIP

Connexion TIP is a Team of TIP Coachesco that guides businesses towards disruptiveNOTE: What is a disruption? What do we consider as being disruptive? Everything that breaks away from the usual, the conventional and the familiar. What clearly distinguishes itself from what is current; we refer here to what differs from the usual way of thinking, the usual actions, and the current results. human performance. With the TIP Coachesco TIPs, executives and leaders create the Performanceco, quickly propelling their business into the new world for the long term. They enable exceptional performance while creating a virtuous circle for them, their employees, their company, their market, the world.
Transformation & Transcendence, Innovation & Intelligence, Performance & People are our “TIP”. TIP is also the pinnacle of success, the highest and most unattainable ambitions, towards which we lead companies.