Our action is guided by the power of a new performance, the PerformancecoTM

With Performanceco , everyone is deeply connected to themselves, to others, to the company, and to the world. Both you and your people are free to consider everything, to dare act differently, so that each one of you can go beyond your limits to reach the highest performance that has been, to this day, deemed unattainable. But that performance is achievable!

We build your customized program together. We create individual, collective and organizational interventions (both intra and inter-company) to build each stage of the Performanceco .
Discover the 4 stages of our action

Connect individuals

Connexion TIP allows you to create and integrate this “co” in the long term: to Comprehend oneself, to Connect (thoughts, words, feelings, actions), to Collaborate, to Cooperate. We build that Cohesion that gives each of you tremendous strength under all circumstances and we help you make everyone aware of their value to both themselves and the teams. The more connected individuals are with themselves, their colleagues, the company, the customers, the more outstanding the performance is!

Converge towards a new future

With Connexion TIP and your “fully connected” teams, you co-design your new Performanceco . Reinventing your organization and your business requires you to think and act differently from what you already do. With our guidance, you can see reality differently in order to collectively invent a disruptive vision and an extra-ordinary future. Only disruptive visions generate disruptive actions.

Come through on your extra-ordinary future

Connexion TIP facilitates the individual and collective deployment of your new reality. A transformation is far more likely to fail than to succeed when you think of the many interfering elements it is exposed to. It’s human nature: spirits brought down by negative thoughts, resistance creating roadblocks for deliverables… To prevent these blocking elements from taking over, increased commitment towards this “new future”, and an authentic and liberating modus operandi are the key elements for top performance and success.

Consolidate PerformanceCO

Connexion TIP provides the essential guidance for long-term disruptive intelligence and performance and trains everyone to play this role for others. The performance finally becomes energizing, exhilarating and durable, with no result left unattainable! Your business quickly operates autonomously in this mode, and disruption becomes the new “business as usual” standard.