Marjolaine LEMIEUX

TIP coachco

For Marjolaine, each person’s fulfillment and opportunity to see his dream come true are fundamentally correlated to how deep his desire is, as well as his ability to challenge his own perceptions, his sense of commitment and the value he gives to his word.

As an independent entrepreneur, Marjolaine has always been fascinated by the world of organizations and is passionate by the disruptive intelligence and the performanceco concepts that Connexion TIP offers. It was with great pleasure that she learned to master the “breakthrough mindset” and joined the team at Connexion TIP for the opening of its offices in Quebec in 2016.

Mother of two teenagers, she lives in Montreal and is committed to transforming the future of businesses: to lead this transformation, companies are invited to ignite a collective desire, to allow genuine communication and to make commitments with integrity. With these conditions set in place, EVERYTHING becomes possible.

The life of Marjolaine Before Connexion TIP …
– An unconventional path whose main theme is the human being, communication, and development: theater, cinema, TV, jazz, live event production, real estate project management, teaching, coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
– A few diplomas and multiple related experiences.