Connexion TIP is Qualiopi Certified

The quality certification has been issued for the following categories of action:

In France,
Declaration of activity registered under number 11921777992 with the Ile de France regional prefect. This registration is not equivalent to State approval.

We are proud to inform you that on September 29, 2020, we obtained Qualiopi certification for our training actions. Qualiopi is the national benchmark on the quality of actions contributing to the development of skills in application of article L. 6316-1 of the Labor Code and law n° 2018-771 of 05/09/2018.
You can therefore be sure that our services meet Qualiopi quality criteria perfectly.

What does the “Qualiopi” brand consist of?

The “Qualiopi” brand aims to:
• attest to the quality of the process implemented by service providers contributing to the development of skills;
• allow greater readability of the training offer for businesses and users.

Who is affected by the “Qualiopi” brand?

As of January 1, 2022, quality certification is compulsory for all service providers contributing to the development of skills who wish to access public and mutual funds; the Qualiopi brand therefore concerns all service providers, including independent trainers, providing the following types of actions:

  • training;
  • skills assessments;
  • validation of the acquired experience;
  • apprenticeship training.

What about Connexion TIP?

Being Qualiopi certified confirms our requirement and our permanent commitment to the quality of the training we provide. This certification is a logical continuation of our actions, and we are proud of this recognition.
Our training actions can therefore be “referenced” by all funders of vocational training. For more information, we are at your disposal at
On another note, we are also referenced to the organization CRHA in Quebec.