Welcome to Connexion TIP

We are much more than you can imagine, we are TIP Coachesco: coaches, consultants, facilitators, agilitators, trainers, mentors. Each of us is all of this, we are on several continents, and most importantly, we are a team!

  • We embody the power of “CO” and the power of a methodology that is unlike any other to connect teams and propel businesses.
  • We have thus formed the TIPLabco, our own international space to reflect on the approaches that we develop, which helps us think and act in a disruptiveNOTE: What is a disruption? What do we consider as being disruptive? Everything that breaks away from the usual, the conventional and the familiar. What clearly distinguishes itself from what is current; we refer here to what differs from the usual way of thinking, the usual actions, and the current results. mode.

Discover us and let’s start disrupting