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Laurent is passionate as to how both the human mind and brain work. He draws on recent advances in neuroscience to help each individual achieve their full potential, and help teams optimize their collective performance.

Laurent has worked for 25 years on multiple levels in demanding environments. He was a trader in the financial markets, an auditor at EY, a strategic and organizational consultant with Gemini Consulting, Accenture, as well as director of operations with Sungard, a software publisher. Thanks to his leading role in complex global reorganization and transformation projects, Laurent achieved multinational and multicultural experience. He led business units in various strategic functions, which enabled him to develop recognized skills in management, emotional intelligence, change management and collective performance. These fascinating themes are also the key topics of the conferences he has been leading since 2015.

As a committed and deeply altruistic person, Laurent is an active and benevolent listener when he supports his clients throughout their journey towards the achievement of their performance objectives.