Our vision: to create a platform of
leaders for the future global, equitable and sustainable economy

Every two months, by invitation only, committed leaders from around the world meet for 90 minutes in an online meeting to exchange and connect to co-create the world’s next chapter.

Each session is structured as follows:

  • The presentation of Connexion Tip models.
  • The interview of the guest of honour, followed by a Q&A session with the other participants.
  • Small group workshops on specific topics.


Discover an excerpt from
the January 20, 2021,
Lead-21 with Nathalie Roos:

Our next COLEAD-22

November 24, 2022

Our Leader

Gilles MOREL


From Turnaround to Mission Impossible

Over more than 30 years in the consumer goods industry, Gilles has faced rapid business growth and transformation in Central & Eastern Europe or with amazing brands such as M&M’s across Europe. He has also experienced turnarounds through business accidents when he relaunched the business in Romania or through many and various global or national crises. When joining the home appliance industry 4 years ago, he had the mission of turning around Whirlpool EMEA: the scale of the challenge was unprecedented for Gilles in terms of industrial hurdles, go to market fixes and in terms of alignment and engagement of 20.000 people.

However, the most exciting part of the journey was still to come when following the initial turnaround, a true mission impossible took off… anchored in “wowing” the lives of employees, consumers, customers, communities & planet and investors… all investors.

Gilles will share how he connected his long lasting but revisited leadership purpose with this mission and how he has engaged his organisation through the odds of brutal cost inflation, the war in Ukraine, the drop of consumer confidence and the anxiety of strategic reviews.

18:30 – 20:00 CET
12:30 – 14:00 EDT
09:30 – 11h00 PDT

Note that we will use English to facilitate this international meeting.


« My first COLEAD-21 was very stimulating: effective introduction of the concept, inspiring and authentic testimonial of an amazing leader, and breakout with two amazing leaders I had never met before, and who helped me to reflect and build on the session. So powerful… that I can’t wait for the next event! »

« I loved the testimony from Nathalie Ross, the guest on January 20, 2021, and the format you chose with a kind of speed dating – fun and different. Nathalie came across as a truly inspiring female leader, modest, charismatic, with great humour and fantastic human values. She spoke openly and simply about her difficulties, and the importance connecting with herself. It was a great moment. Thank you for organizing this event.»

«Intrigued at the beginning on how to co-create tomorrow’s world. Then, charmed by the network of like-minded leaders from around the globe. And finally, convinced by the possibilities of collective power, disruptive intelligence and performance to make transformative progress happen.»

«I started participating in COLEAD in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. As an entrepreneur who was trying to find a certain direction and a vision in this very particular context where it was difficult to project oneself, these meetings were a real breath of fresh air. I appreciate being able to rub shoulders with leaders who want to build a more serene and human business world. The challenges we all face are just beginning, and I could not do without these inspiring meetings.»

Past events

Septembre 22, 2022

Our Leader

Jacques PLAYE

L’Oréal Global SVP Packaging and Product Development 

The Connector of the Transformation with ALL

In 33 years at l’Oréal, in various positions in Packaging, Product Development, Manufacturing, IT, Digital, Research & Innovation, Jacques has always been a Transformer.  Business as usual is not his cup of tea, he has always pushed the limit to prepare the Future.

He will share with us his 2 last major transformations and why the people dimension is so important to create a sustainable change that last.

July 7, 2022

Our Leader


Former Vice President Global Talent and CTO Commercial Sanofi

Talent management…because more than never, leadership is at the heart of our future

In 24 years at Sanofi, in various Human resources and top management roles in different regions of the world, Jorge has always believed that People and Talent Management are the key strategic leverage for organisations to perform sustainably; that it should be aligned with the business needs and developed with agility and simplicity, anticipating the change context and  permanent new requirements.
He will share with us some of the keys to his success as well as some of the challenges organisations are facing today in this talent crisis around the world.

May 24, 2022

Our Leader

Lydie ROUX

VP & General Manager within Novo Nordisk, leader of Diabetes & Obesity pharma company

A Multi-cultural leader, driven by a strong purpose, and confidence on women difference that bring success. 

After completing an MBA in Chicago, Lydie found herself lucky to experiment what could be woman leadership in the healthcare sector as well as the cosmetics and strategic consulting industries. After almost 25 years in managerial roles of leading companies in many parts of the world (From Eastern Europe to North Africa, UK, Spain, Turkey and France), Lydie’s main learning is: “Leadership that combines a human touch with teamwork invariably delivers positive results!” Come and explore with Lydie what could be your leadership !

April 7, 2022

Our Leader


Managing Director – North Asia Zone and L’Oréal China

Proximity management: a leadership style that boosts performance

In 21 years at L’Oréal, in various marketing and top management roles in different regions of the world, Fabrice has always put people at the heart of his strategy and has achieved exceptional levels of performance. He will share with us some of the keys to his success as well as some of the challenges he is currently facing in North Asia.

January 19, 2022

Our leader


Former member of the Executive Committee of Shiseido, former Vice President R&I Japan, L’Oréal, and future professional coach.

“After 27 years at L’Oréal and 5 years at Shiseido in R&D cosmetics, my life seemed to be going smoothly. November 2020 was the beginning of a new life with the discovery of my cancer. I decided to devote the time I had left to what I really wanted to do from the bottom of my heart. The result? My energy is back and I will be a professional coach.”

November 22nd 2021

Our leader

Arnaud Gangloff

CEO and Senior Partner, Kea & Partners (Mission Society)
At Kea & Partners for nearly 20 years, president for almost 8 years, previously VP at Gemini Consulting, Arnaud has the merit of having set Kea & Partners as a mission-driven company. His passion is the art of transformation for a sustainable and fair performance.

September 20, 2021

Our leader

Suzanne Blanchet

D.h.c., ICD.D. Member of many boards of directors in Canada

Leader within the Cascades group for over 30 years, ex-President and CEO of the Tissue Group, she has carried out several major expansion projects in Canada and the United States. Passionate about innovation, sustainable development, entrepreneurial success and having a concern for an authentic connection with people, she is a member of several boards of directors and a business consultant.

July 8, 2021

Our leader

Piet Coelewij

Chairman of the Supervisory Board at PMM (Public MediaMarkt), Non-executive Director Jumbo Supermarkten, Royal Flora Holland
Piet Coelewij has been very close to some of the most profound business changes of our times through leadership positions around the world in electronics companies (Philips Electronics and Sonos), as well digital companies (Amazon, Wehkamp). Leadership is “people business”, and he credits his track record with his ability to truly connect with the people that crossed his path. Through a portfolio of non-executive positions, his current purpose is to help organizations transform themselves.

May 20, 2021

Our leader

Cécile Béliot

Group Executive Vice President, Groupe Bel
A proven and committed leadership in the transformation of the agro-food industry by putting people at the heart of her strategy. Group Executive Vice President at Groupe Bel, and previously Marketing Director and General Manager at Danone. Numerous rich skills in management, integrated marketing, as well as commercial and strategic planning.

MARCH 25, 2021

Our leader


Head of Advisory Boards at Schilling Group, Acardo and Aniforte, Ex-P&G, Ex-SC Johnson and EX-Catalina, shared how connection is at the heart of his leadership and performance.

JANUARY 20, 2021

Our 1st leader

Nathalie ROOS

President, Professional Products Division, L’Oréal shared how connection is at the heart of her leadership and performance.